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The Strength Edge is the premiere strength sports training facility in Calgary. We are the proud home of many competitive Strongmen, powerlifters, and other athletes. From complete beginners to world class athletes, if you want to get stronger, this is the place to be.

On top of simply a facility, the community itself has many advantages.

  • World class coaching. We are the proud home of Calgary Barbell, and many other coaches specializing in Strongman, Conditioning, or general fitness.
  • Regular competitions are held. This includes both sanctioned powerlifting/strongman competitions, and random competitions (strength, eating, or otherwise)
  • Competition grade equipment to support our athletes' training.
  • Professional Massage Therapist (who's also a strength athlete) right in the gym.
  • Ownership that is actively involved in strength athletics and not motivated by profit.
  • Extremely low rates for freelance personal trainers.
  • An interview//referral process for new members, resulting in all members being of good character.

We are always happy to welcome new prospective members. If you like what you read and are interested, feel free to contact us.